Frequently Asked


What are the response times for grievances?
It is not possible to tell exactly how long it will take for a grievance to be processed.

Do I have to disclose my identity when submitting a grievance?
Only if you wish to do so. When submitting a grievance, the system allows the confidentiality of the complainant to be maintained. Simply select the desired option in the corresponding field if submitting through this website or, if you are doing so over the phone, tell the operator that you wish your identity to remain confidential.

How can I elaborate upon my reported grievance?
Should you wish to expand upon your grievance, you can do so by contacting one of our Telephone Operators.

I have yet to receive a reply to my grievance, what can I do?
It is advisable that you contact one of our Telephone Operators at one of our contact numbers so that you can receive personalized attention, as our response times vary depending on the number of grievances being dealt with at any given time and the prioritization given to each.

How can I withdraw my grievance?
It is not possible to withdraw a grievance, since the follow up process starts immediately upon its submittal.

What are the service hours for submitting grievances by telephone?
You can submit a grievance by telephone between 8:00 and 10:00 hrs, Monday to Friday.
Optionally you can leave your grievance in our voicemail 24x7.