How to submit a grievance

For the effective monitoring and resolution of your report is necessary to follow instructions

What is it?

Service provided by a third party, Pinkerton management specialist allegations easy, secure and confidential, well able to do so anonymously or giving their personal data.

Who to contact?

  • Your manager or supervisor
  • Human Resources
  • Ethics Committee
  • Reporting System default

How does it work?


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You can send us your report or question/concern by whatsapp: +52 55 6538 5504

For toll-free phone:

ARGENTINA 0 800 122 0596
BRASIL 0 800 891 7686
0 800 892 3425
0 800 891 7689
CHILE 0 800 835 491
COLOMBIA 01 800 952 0815
COSTA RICA 0 800 052 1330
EU 1 888 303 8442
FILIPINAS 1 800 1 116 1015
Sun Cellular:(63)
Smart Communications:
(63) 9192279043
Globe: (63) 9065645896
GUATEMALA (LD) 01 800 835 0468
+502 2375 3945
MEXICO 800 500 1271
800 500 1272
800 500 1274
800 500 1276
800 500 1278
NICARAGUA Collect call: +52 55 6266 7198
PANAMA 0 800 052 1253
+507 836 5888
PERÚ 0 800 78424
URUGUAY 000 416 205 6395
01 800 100 5376
+58 212 72 02 560

The Whistleblower seeks to have on hand all information pertaining to the case, in addition to test material if it has, answering the questions: Who ?, When ?, Where ?, How?

  •  The complainant speaks by phone.
  •  Connects to a counselor who will listen and supported by a number of relevant questions in order that the case can receive proper research
  •  The counselor will provide alternatives to sending of evidence if you will have them.
  •  The complainant receives a tracking code which is very important to save for future reference.

Web Assistant: 

  •  The applicant requested that you have all the information about the case, answering the questions: Who? When? Where? How?
  •  The author comes in the form of Web Dynamic Wizard and will have to deliver ask relevant questions according to the information to be provided.
  •   When you complete your report, the system will provide a tracking code, which is very important to keep monitoring your complaint.

E-mail: or

  • The Whistleblower seeks to have on hand all information pertaining to the case, asking: Who? When? How? Why? For what?
  • The complainant sends all information as complete as possible, attaching evidence if I had and may choose to send from your personal email account or create an anonymous account for it.
  •  In less than 24 hours receive a tracking code in email chosen.  

The complainant seek to specify as detailed as possible to the place where the events occurred so that we can perfectly locate the exact place and persons responsible, where the facts according to occurred: Business / Corporate, Country, State / Province / Region , city or municipality, if possible Street, number, district, among which streets, references, etc.

Sort the type of business that (Business) concerned

  •  Coca-Cola FEMSA: Everything related to soft drinks Coca-Cola line and 73 beverage brands offered. FEMSA operates in Mexico, Central and South America (Corporate, Plants and Distribution).
  •  FEMSA Comercio: Everything related to our Oxxo convenience stores, Bara, Immex.
  •  FEMSA Strategic Business Logistics Everything related to the delivery and transportation of our products and integrated logistics services and transport.
  •  FEMSA Strategic Businesses: IMBERA, it is a company dedicated to the production of commercial refrigerators, as well as serving refrigeration; It has 3 production plants in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. PTM is a company dedicated to providing solutions and plastic processing projects tailored to customer, based industries such as:. Food and beverage, automotive, among others.
  •   FEMSA Corporate: Everything related to administrative and corporate staff FEMSA Group.


By using the tracking code provided when I file the complaint, the person may at any time call the hotline or submit the reporting system for: 

  •  Know the status of research, • Know the conclusion and corrective action.
  •  Provide additional information,
  •  Recidivism to the complaint.
  •  Attach files of evidence